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November 12, 2020

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Prenatal Thyroid Hormones Influence 'Biological Age' at Birth

The environment we experience in early-life is known to have major consequences on later-life health and lifespan. A new study using an avian model suggests that increased prenatal exposure to ...

Mothers' Lifestyle Predicts When Offspring Will Have First Heart Attack or Stroke

Offspring of mothers with heart healthy lifestyles live nearly a decade longer without cardiovascular disease than those whose mothers have unhealthy ...

New Method Shows Great Potential for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

In Alzheimer's disease, a protein (peptide) forms clumps in the brain and causes sufferers to lose their memory. A research group has now described a new treatment method that increases the body's ...
A new study finds that people who feel enthusiastic and cheerful -- what psychologists call 'positive affect' -- are less likely to experience memory decline as they age. ...
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Detecting Alzheimer's Disease Before Symptoms Arise

Both of Andrew Kiselica's grandfathers developed dementia when he was in graduate ...

Vitamin C's Effectiveness Against COVID-19 May Hinge on Vitamin's Natural Transporter Levels

High doses of vitamin C under study for treating COVID-19 may benefit some populations, but investigators exploring its potential in aging say key factors in effectiveness include levels of the ...

Loneliness Highest in the 20s and Lowest in the 60s

Seeking to develop effective interventions, researchers examined the psychological and environmental factors that lead to patterns of loneliness in different age ...

Breakdown of Gene Coordination During Aging Suggests a Substantial Challenge to Longevity

Researchers report evidence that supports, for the first time, a longstanding theory on the aging process in cells. Using a novel approach from physics, they developed a computational method that ...

Age Is a Primary Determinant of Melanoma Treatment Resistance

Age may cause identical cancer cells with the same mutations to behave differently. In animal and laboratory models of melanoma cells, age was a primary factor in treatment ...

Antiretroviral Therapy Can't Completely Stop Accelerated Cell Aging Seen in HIV

Untreated HIV infection is linked with epigenetic changes that suggest rapid aging. A new study shows that antiretroviral therapy given over two years was unable to completely restore age-appropriate ...

Diagnosing Parkinson's Disease With Skin Samples Could Lead to Earlier Detection

New research shows a simple skin test can accurately identify Parkinson's disease, which could lead to earlier detection of the disease and better outcomes for patients. Currently, ...

Community Noise May Affect Dementia Risk

Results from a new study support emerging evidence suggesting that noise may influence individuals' risk of developing dementia later in ...

Phase 3 Clinical Trial to Treat Mild Alzheimer's Disease Using Deep Brain Stimulation

Medical researchers are enrolling individuals in an international phase 3 clinical trial to examine the safety and effectiveness of deep brain stimulation to treat Alzheimer's. The study uses ...

New Anti-AB Vaccine Could Help Halt Alzheimer's Progression, Preclinical Study Finds

A preclinical study by neuroscientists indicates that an antigen-presenting dendritic vaccine with a specific antibody response to oligomeric A-beta may be safer and offer clinical benefit in ...

Study Shows Active Older Adults Have Better Physical and Mental Health

Older adults with higher physical activity and lower sitting time have better overall physical and mental health, according to a new ...

Study Explains the Process That Exacerbates MS

People with multiple sclerosis (MS) gradually develop increasing functional impairment. Researchers have now found a possible explanation for the progressive course of the disease in mice and how it ...

One-Two Punch of Symptoms That Exacerbate Alzheimer's

A new Alzheimer's study found that impaired blood flow in the brain is correlated with the buildup of tau tangles, a hallmark indicator of cognitive decline.The work suggests that treatments ...

Young Adults Face Higher Risk of Severe Disease from Infections Than School-Age Children

The first systematic review of how the severity of infectious diseases changes with age suggests that the human immune system might start to lose the ability to protect against infections earlier ...

Could Loss of Interest Be Sign of Dementia Risk?

Older adults with severe apathy, or lack of interest in usual activities, may have a greater chance of developing dementia than people with few symptoms of apathy, according to a new ...

Scientists Identify Sensor Protein That Underlies Bladder Control

Scientists have found that the main sensor protein enabling our sense of touch also underlies the feeling of having a full bladder and makes normal bladder function possible. The discovery marks a ...

Mechanism That Restores Cell Function After Genome Damage

Researchers have found out how cells can recover their development and longevity after damage by UV. The discovery may enable new therapies against premature ...

Even Minimal Physical Activity Measurably Boosts Health

Two research teams sought to understand sedentary lifestyles, with one study finding that even light physical activity, including just standing, can benefit health, and the other that Americans are ...

Age and Likelihood of SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Scientists have estimated that the age of an individual does not indicate how likely they are to be infected by SARS-CoV-2. However, development of symptoms, progression of the disease, and mortality ...

Does General Anesthesia Increase Dementia Risk?

There are concerns that exposure to general anesthesia during surgery may contribute to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. To investigate, researchers compared exposure to general ...

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